Stacey Bossenger

Public Relations, Communications, Marketing and Media

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Stacey shares a common element with the candidates she places; she comes from the industry in which she now recruits. Her experience of working in Media and Communications has given her the skills to understand and interpret the various communication needs of her clients. She has excellent relationships with her clients and they often seek her advice on how best to structure their teams. Stacey is an established consultant with a proven track record and is a top biller with 12 years of experience recruiting for Ad Talent.

Corporate Communications

  • Communications Directors
  • Communications Managers
  • Investor Relations Managers
  • CSI and Stakeholder Relations Managers
  • Events Directors / Managers
  • Media Strategists
  • Media Sales Managers/Directors
  • Social Media
  • Writers

PR Consultancies 

  • Managing Directors
  • PR Managers
  • Account Directors
  • Sponsorship Managers


  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand/Product Managers
  • Digital Marketing