Permanent recruitment
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  • What we have been doing for 47 years
  • Fees paid upon placement
  • 15% of annual cost to company
  • 3- month guarantee period
  • Payment 30 days from candidate start date
  • Guarantees may be extended where onboarding is at a high level
  • 10% discount for 30-day exclusivity on briefs

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  • Fixed term or flexible contracts
  • You employ them or we employ them
  • Fees dependent on position and contract period.

Retained agreements
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  • Fixed number of briefs to be filled in certain time period
  • Substantial discount (+- 20%) for exclusive agreement to fill all the briefs
  • Monthly payments assist cash flow
  • Guarantees may be extended under certain onboarding conditions

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  • Ad Talent employs the candidate
  • They work in your offices or remotely, as decided by you
  • Not on your payroll
  • No admin or HR issues
  • Fees dependent on position and contract period

Retrenchment consulting and support
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  • Retrenched employee require help to re-enter the job market
  • Preparing employees for future opportunities
  • Putting retrenchment into perspective
  • Professional CV preparation
  • Social media exposure
  • Self- preservation marketing
  • How to get your next job

In-house recruitment
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  • We become you. Ad Talent is your recruitment team
  • You have the benefit of our 47 years of expertise and experience
  • We have multiple consultants and research teams dedicated to your needs
  • You have regular status meetings
  • Your team gets regular training and recruitment know how at no cost to you
  • Guarantees may be extended under certain onboarding conditions
  • Monthly fee

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  • Perhaps the most underestimated part of doing business in RSA
  • Outsource to experts in this space
  • Access to reliable, experienced labour lawyers when needed


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