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Strategic Planning Director

White female, R92K CTC per month, Masters in Psychology, qualified Psychometrist, 9 years’ experience in a leading integrated ad agency as a Planning Director, looking for an exciting opportunity out of the ad agency environment, 1 calendar month notice. –

Strategic Planner 

Black male, R25K CTC per month, Communications Strategy degree, 3 years strategy experience, calendar months’ notice. –

Account Director

Black male, R33K CTC per month, diploma in Advertising Management, over 6 years traditional TTL experience, available immediately. –

Communications Manager

White female, R102K CTC upwards per month, experience at strategic agencies in corporate and financial communications, public relations and investor relations for the past 15 years, available immediately. –

Managing Director

Indian female, EE candidate, R116K CTC per month upwards, a dynamic candidate, Managing Director of a global marketing agency and skilled in digital transformation, available immediately. –

Brand Strategist

White male, R45K CTC per month, exceptionally strong in brand strategy, strategy analysis, brand development and research, two weeks’ notice. –

Head of Group Advertising and Marketing

Black female, R108K CTC per month, MBA, exceptional marketer and strategist, experience on working on some of S.A’s top brands, 1 calendar months notice. –



Senior Brand Consultant/Strategic Planner

White female, + 8 years’ experience in the ad industry as well as the client side, MBA (current), R54K CTC per month, available at short notice. –

Business Unit Director/ Business Director

White Female, +10 years’ experience in the industry, worked for leading global ad agencies, +/- R58K CTC per month, ATL, BTL, Digital, available in one month. –

Business Development Manager

Coloured male, R35K CTC per month, excellent experience working with blue- chip companies, 1 calendar months’ notice. –

Senior Internal Communications Manager

Black female, R82K CTC per month, 15 years experience in communications working for financial institutions, 2 calendar months’ notice (neg). –

PR Account Manager

Black female, R25K CTC per month, excellent experience working on consumer and corporate accounts, 1 calendar months’ notice. –



Content Writer/Copywriter – Senior (CT)

Coloured female, R45K CTC per month, 14 years experience writing for blue-chip brands and publications, UX/UI comms specialist, two weeks’ notice. –

Designer – Junior/Mid (CT)

Black male, R15K CTC per month, 4 years experience in print, digital and branding, 1 calendar months’ notice. –

Digital Designer/Art Director – Mid/Senior (JHB)

White female, R38K CTC per month, 7 years experience at high profile integrated agencies, available from 1 April. –

Senior Copywriter (JHB or CT)

Multi award-winning black male, R45K CTC, 10 years’ experience across traditional advertising, digital and broadcasting, 30 days notice. –

Illustrator/Art Director (JHB or CT)

Multi award-winning white male, R42K CTC per month, 13 years experience in TTL advertising and commercial illustration, flexible notice period. –

Creative Director – Art (JHB)

Multi award-winning white male, R73K CTC per month, 16 years’ traditional and digital experience in top agencies, 30 days notice. –

Senior Copywriter (JHB)

Indian female, R47K CTC per month, agency and corporate experience across conceptual, digital, business, financial and technical writing as well as PR and internal communications, has managed teams of up to 65 people, 1 calendar months’ notice. –

Creative Group Head/Creative Director – Art (CT)

Award-winning coloured female, R57K CTC per month, 13 years experience across traditional TTL advertising, digital, tactical and experiential, potentially negotiable notice period. –

Creative Team – Art and Copy (JHB)

Black males, 276K CTC (each) per month, been working together since starting their career 4 years ago, worked at two large, reputable agencies and won a number of awards during this time, 1 calendar months notice.

Should you wish to meet any of these candidates, please email the relevant consultant.

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