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Social media is a vital catalyst for brand awareness and growth. But what is the key to a successful social media profile?

The answer may be interactions. Interactions are a type of KPI to measure how impactful your social media posts are at fostering engagement from your audience. Typically, an interaction statistic is made up of likes, comments, and shares. However, each social media platform has other features (e.g. Facebook emoji reactions) that are calculated into a posts interaction statistic. Learn how you can gain optimal interactions on your business account or specific event posts.

Top 10 Tips to Gain More Post Interactions

1. Images

Simply including an image in your post can increase the number of interactions you gain.

Specifically, A study by Buffer found that image content is more than 40 times more likely to get likes and shares on social media platforms than content without images. So, for platforms that do not require photos to post, like Facebook and Twitter, it is important that your posts consistently include photos. This way, your content will receive more interactions.

2. Videos

Like images, videos have also been shown to increase interaction statistics. In fact, studies have shown that traffic on social media platforms is driven more and more by video content instead of text or images.

You can take advantage of this by posting live videos to your accounts. According to a study conducted by MarketingLand, live videos receive three times more engagement and interactions than prerecorded video content, largely because live videos add an immediacy to your content that draws people in.

After you post a live video, you can continue to gain interactions by posting highlights extracted from the live video. This content will continue to attract people to the original content, while including those who were not able to watch the original video live.

3. Use Emojis

92% of people online use emojis. Why? Because emojis can increase your post engagement by 33%. Adding an emoji to your post can help audiences understand the post’s message in a quick, fun, and visual way. Incorporating emojis with picture and video posts can make your post even more attractive and help you gain more post interactions.

Although emojis can help increase post interactions, be careful not to over use them. Emojis should just be used to enhance or capture your message.

4. Hashtags

If you don’t have one already, create an event or brand hashtag to use in all your posts. You can encourage your audience to take photos at your events and include the hashtag in their caption.

Using a hashtag, you can easily track the conversations before, during, and after your event and respond directly to audience members. Moreover, you can engage directly with your audience by liking or responding to their comments or questions. This can help you drive engagement to your social media accounts.

5. #PowerOfPersonal

Although your social platforms are business accounts, you don’t want to be too formal and stiff in your images, videos, or captions.

To gain more interactions, you can focus on posting a couple personal posts per week. These posts could feature personal thoughts on the industry, inspirational quotes, or industry tips. Posts on company culturecan also be used to show off your brand’s personability.

Responding back to people’s comments on your posts can also help your audience feel valued and like they are really engaging with you. This may encourage them to interact with your other company content in the future.

6. Contests

Contests or giveaways are an effective way to increase post interactions because who doesn’t love free stuff?

You can hold a giveaway where people have to like or share your post for a chance to win one of your products.

Another idea for an effective contest is a user-generated content contest. Using a hashtag, like #AventriGiveAway, you can ask your audience to post photos featuring your product or some aspect of your brand. Your audience can include the contest hashtag in their caption, so you can track how many people are engaging with your contest. By posting photos featuring your brand or product, participants act as brand evangelists for you, which will ultimately help you gain new followers and interactions.

7. Engage Your Audience with Questions

A fun and valuable way to gain more interactions on social platforms is through Q&A sessions. You can hold a Q&A session before, during, and after your event to address your audience’s concerns, problems, and questions. This is a surefire way to gain interactions on your post.

In addition to a Q&A, you can simply pose questions that capture your audience’s interest and ask for their feedback. This will encourage your audience to interact with your posts, while making them feel like you aren’t always trying to sell to them.

8. Create Polls

Like contests and Q&A sessions, polling your audience in selected posts can increase interactions.

You can ask your audience for their opinions on industry issues, company products, or on your event. Not only does asking your audience for their opinions increase the likelihood of interactions, you also gain valuable data you can later use to tailor future posts to your target audience and for other marketing campaigns.

9. Post at Peak Times

Although this might sound simple, posting your content at peak times is an easy way to gain more interactions on your posts.

Social media platform insights, like Instagram insights, can help you identify the best posting time based on your audience. Posting at times when your target audience is likely the most active is a smart way to ensure they see your content. The more your followers see your content, the more likely your posts are to receive interactions.

10. Ask for interactions

There’s nothing wrong with asking your audience to like, comment, share, or retweet your content. On Twitter, people are twelves times more likely to retweet your content if your Tweet asks for a retweet. Simply saying “please retweet” on Twitter or “please share” on Facebook encourages your audience to share your content, which can increase your post interactions.

Article source: aventri

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