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Covid has taught us some valuable lessons about how clients view candidates in the job market in our niche sector of the recruitment industry. 

We had a flood of CVs at the start of the pandemic. See Fishing in a flood.  

We now have a candidate shortage, not in volume, but in skills. This puts candidates firmly in control of the recruitment process because demand for digital, tech and the soft, reliable work-from-home skills are now paramount when hiring. It’s been a paradigm shift from traditional culture fit solutions that were high on the list pre-covid.  

Where once there was a quest for homogenous employees that toed the line, our experience is that diversity of skills, character and contribution is what employers are seeking. Looking beyond the CV has become more important than ever and a washing line of education, employment history and achievements doesn’t impress anymore. There is, of course, still the basic requirement to have the skills to do the job, but it’s the softer skills of independence, empathy and big picture thinking that is making the difference. These are criteria that must be explored in the interview process to fully understand the candidate.  

Talent acquisition is now much more than just identifying talent.


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