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On September, the 19th, 1982 Dr Scott Fahlman 🩺of the Carnegie Mellon University 🎓, Pennsylvania, invented💡 the 🥇 emoticon: the humble smiley. 😊

Emoticons are certainly much more vital today than they were in 1982. In total there are 3 304 🤯 emojis in the the Unicode Standard as of March 2020.

95% of Internet users have used an emoji. Over 10 billion 😱 emojis are sent daily. They are used prevalently on social media – over 700 million 😳 emojis are used in Facebook posts daily. 💬 About 36% of Instagram posts contain 1⃣ to 3⃣ emojis each.

The 🥇 brand to have its own emoji was Coca Cola . The company partnered up with Twitter 🐦 and created #ShareaCoke which generated an emoji of 2⃣ Coke bottles clinking together.

The 🥇 emoji to be blocked on Instagram was the 🍆 emoji. This was blocked in 2015 as users were using it as a metaphor for male ‘parts’. 😕

Emoji was added to the Oxford dictionaries 📚 in 2013. The emoji craze 😜 caught on so rapidly in 2012 and 2013 that it was added as a word in 2013, along with several other strange new words that could only be explained by the internet. 😐
The plural of emoji is emoji and not emojis. 🤔

The Unicode Consortium reported that “face with tears of joy” 😂 is the most frequently used emoji, eclipsing the “red heart” ❤️ and “smiling face with heart-eyes” 😍 which came in 🥈 and 🥉 respectively.

Bye 🙋

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