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Words cannot begin to describe how exciting it is to FINALLY shut down my machine, knowing that I don’t have to make tedious mental notes in preparation of a meeting I have to attend the next day…

Or the day after…

Or the day after that for that matter.

No words can describe the joy that accompanies that final moment of shutting down before going on holiday – even more so when it’s a festive break.

We spend 11 and-a-half months of the year looking forward to spending time with family and loved ones.

We’re essentially doing ourselves a disservice by not switching off entirely and allowing work to still be a distraction in an unwelcomed work-away-from-work situation.

It’s safe to say that we’ve all had a bad case of FOMO at one point or another, but getting work FOMO isn’t as well received.

As tempting as it is, try to avoid giving into the urge to find out what’s happening at the office while you’re meant to be switching off.

You owe it to yourself, and those that you’re spending this time with, to be fully present as opposed to half-heartedly mimicking a workaholic zombie.

So how do we avoid this?

  • I will not have access to my emails, at all in your out-of-office response. This will be replacing the guilt of any urgent emails lurking in your mailbox with peace of mind, knowing that the sender of that “urgent” email won’t die of a sudden stroke of impatience
  • Make sure that everything in the office has been taken care of before you leave, even if it means delaying that coveted final shut-down
  • Lastly, make the most of your time away from the office because before you know it, you’ll be back behind your desk, impatiently watching the months sluggishly pass by as you look ahead to that next big break in the distant future

So from us, the Ad Talent team, we wish you a wonderful festive season.

One that will include lots of fun, relaxation and hopefully some time on the beach and absolutely no work at all!

So switch off!!!

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