Job title: Digital Marketing Coordinator
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 2 to 3 years
Salary: R18000 to R25000
Job published: 11 July 2022
Job reference no: 2124825487

Job Description

This is a remote 3-month contract with a view to go permanent.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator must have high work standards and attention to detail, copy-writing, design, creativity, and problem-solving skills

Project Set-up

  • Draft E-calendars, send to Marketing Manager to approve, and launch
  • Upload brand kit to Canva
  • Prepare email/social timelines
  • Prepare first social media template and email template
  • Uploading emailer and social calendars to ClickUp once approved
  • To join onboarding calls with clients
  • Run small budget projects to learn management process and communicate with clients
  • Keep track on small projects budget (supported by Senior Managers) 

Concept development

  •  Concept development
  •  Brand continuity


  • Insert e-mailer data and results to report
  • Insert Social media metric inputs 
  • Prepare report drafts with metrics and analysis 
  • Understand interpretations within reports and adding suggestions


  • Keep track on expenses


  • Website check for spelling/formatting/ grammar issues
  • Maintain SEO through integrated platform
  • Manage website updates/feedback
  • Implement or delegate updates to web team 
  •  Prepare website copy where needed
  • Ensure website tracking and codes are implemented correctly
  • Prepare brief to designer and website team
  • Prepare first draft of website audits

E-mailers and social media calendars

  • Ensure deadlines are followed according to the email and social timeline
  • Propose topics to the Marketing Manager
  •  Develop social media and email content and support in content creation
  • Coordinate directly with client for approvals 
  • Update e-mailers and social calendars as per client feedback
  • Test, approve and schedule e-mailers launch 
  • Schedule social media calendars after client’s approval
  • Monitor email results and ensure all data reflects correctly
  • Archive databases once email campaign ends

Online Advertising:

  • Collect screenshots from ads and store in dedicated folder
  • Prepare ads copy
  • Prepare brief for designers (review by MM)
  • Request tracking code and thank you page implementation on registration systems
  • Test registrations to ensure conversions are tracking correctly
  • Ensure tracking and stats reflect correctly 

Social media setup:

  • Open Social accounts when needed.
  • Update accounts information
  • Create covers
  • Research social platforms/accounts/hashtags to monitor and engage across social media 
  • Monitor and update accounts within the numbers of hours purchased by client.
  • Create Facebook/LinkedIn events
  • Community engagement