Job title: Analytics Specialist
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 2 to 3 years
Salary: R20000 to R25000
Job published: 12 October 2021
Job reference no: 1783857892

Job Description

The Analytics Specialist will own, create, analyse and audit digital analytics processes and products for all company brands. Generate reports, deep analytics driven recommendations for digital product campaigns to make sure they are aligned to the business strategic function. Accountable of the KPI supporting process implementation in order to ensure the digital strategy implemented is aligned to the business function needs.

Main Purpose or Function of Position:
Ensure a proper measurement of the main stakeholders for the function (Media Agencies, Connections, intelligence & Marketing) in order to get clear information that allows the business to optimize digital
products and area campaigns.
Perform an alignment with stakeholders that allows them to use data generated from the function with confidence in order for them to drive business strategic decisions. Educate the business on the
importance of using data and trends identified from it to drive strategic marketing function decisions.
Generate efficiencies/cost avoidance related to sites landing, leads & conversions related to the campaigns released for our brands. This will also result in an enhanced impact of the campaign & brand

Main accountabilities & Responsibilities:

• Measurement plan definition and tailoring to ensure proper digital product results, aligned to the brand and Mkt function strategy and expectations through management of the KPI plan and strategy deployment
• Pixel and measurement tool implementation to ensure platform optimization to achieve precise Metrics to measure and monitor campaign efficiency
• Ensure web design elements are properly designed and measured on a consistent way to ensure they’re driving business/campaign objectives through platform measurement and objective configuration as well as platform tagging through tagging management tools
• Establish a clear KPI model along with precise metrics to diagnose product current state and create a measurement Framework to validate effectivity and achievements of campaigns objectives
• Consistent plan creation to perform real-time analysis which allows to react and anticipate for products and campaign who are not performing as expected by creation and monitoring of automated dashboard creation and real time alert generation
• Campaign related Traffic channel monitoring and recommendation generation to ensure it is operated on an optimal way thus ensuring deficiency, cost reduction and conversion rate increase report to validate ROI for digital products projects
• Digital products enhancement recommendation generation by recommending builds and enhancements to navigation structure, behavior and enhancement opportunities in order to increase conversion rates of the digital product.

Qualifications/ Experience
• Matric
• Higher Certificate/Diploma) or relevant tertiary qualifications / certifications in digital strategy, analytics,
  Computer Science or relevant field.
• Web analytics fundamentals and digital product tagging experience

2 years’ experience in the following platforms:
• Google Tag manager
• Google Analytics
• SEO (Search engine optimization) fundamentals and paid media Fundamentals in organic positioning (SEO) and paid media with experience with the following platforms
• Facebook Ads
• Google AdWords
• Search console
• Digital Strategy, measurement and planning
• Clear understanding of digital product creation lifecycle (Web pages, Apps, E-Commerce, etc.)
• Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript fundamentals
• Knowledge of DSP, DMP and Ad Servers
• Experience with Project management tools