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Lucky, lucky you!  You have been made 2 job offers.  Which one to choose?

This may seem like a dream come true, but you have a hard decision to make.


Here are some very important things to consider:

Your long-term future

You decided to look because you want to advance your career. Whatever decision you make now will impact on this and should bring you closer to your goal, so think carefully – is this opportunity fulfilling your career ambition?


Even if the role is a career advancement, if you do not fit into the culture of the company, you are going to be very unhappy

  • Ask friends
  • Remind yourself of places where you have worked in the past where you have been happy
  • How were you feeling during the interview process?
  • Make sure you have interviewed your prospective employer properly and that they are a proper fit for you

Salary Consideration 

Money is certainly an important factor to consider for any job offer.  You should be fairly compensated for your level of experience and your skills. However, there are other factors to consider when deciding which job to choose.  What other factors besides money excites you about the job? What perks does one job offer and not the other?

  • More leave days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Assistance with your studies
  • Increased responsibilities

These and other non-monetary factors are crucial to consider for you to make an unbiased opinion.

Motivational Factors

Just because you are looking for a career change and you have these 2 offers, are either of them really the right move?

Consider carefully that you’re not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

Getting the balance right

  • Living close to your place of work may be more important to you than more leave days
  • Flexible working hours may be more important than study assistance
  • A company offering childcare facilities may be more important than flexibility

Each person’s work/life balance is different.


You probably will have been given time by the companies to decide, so please stick to the time given. By not responding timeously is not a good reflection on you and you may even run the risk of the job offer being withdrawn.

A Gut Feel

You have been through numerous interview processes, you have researched the companies, you have spoken to people, you have considered all the above factors, but you must trust your gut in making this all-important decision.

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