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Art, dance and music – these are words associated with South Africa’s rich heritage and diverse range of cultures. Despite what most might think, we, as South Africans, still manage to unite and express our individuality by coming together as a nation.

Whether it’s getting down with the Vosho, a well-known Kwaito dance move to a great Kwaito jam, adding a skip to a long-arm sakkie sakkie dance or gently swaying our hips to the soothing melodic tune of jazzy Khwela penny whistle street music – we cannot ignore our gifted ability to keep a good beat. It’s proven to be a universal way of communicating, just as South African mine workers would use their gumboots to rhythmically communicate in the dark.

Our love for the arts extends over to traditional and modern forms of visual artistic work –  from indigenous statues carefully carved from wood, to beads and wire delicately-shaped and moulded into one of our majestic African animals – leaving the mind to wonder about the amazing tales which might lie in the fine detail of these works of art.

We have so much to appreciate about our beautiful country and the culturally-diverse people who have made it what it is today. So we, at Ad Talent, would like to wish every South African out there a wonderful Heritage Day.

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