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It’s likely that at some point we’ve thought to ourselves: “We’ll probably have flying cars in the not-too-distant future”. Well, although we aren’t exactly soaring through the skies, dipping and diving through air-traffic in hybrid vehicles, we are moving one step closer to just that. All thanks to Facebook, or more specifically, Facebook Spaces.

We, the Ad Talent team, recently went to a talk delivered by Gil Sperling on “The Future of Social Media” and were utterly blown away. For starters, we were introduced to the stats that lie behind all of our posts and updates. These gave insight as to the average time a user spends looking at a specific post, data which Facebook is able to decipher to determine your interests. We also learnt about innovative solar-powered drones (a project in the pipeline waiting to deliver global internet access to billions of people). What really got our brains buzzing though, was Facebook Spaces. (Yes, it’s as futuristic as its name).

Now, not to say that the other developments and findings are anything less than brilliant, but seeing as our expertise lies in the communications industry – it was only natural that this particular project piqued our curiosity.

Using VR, this app allows you to hang out with friends in a virtual reality in virtual form. The boundaries are almost limitless, with the ability to alter your environment, draw 3D objects and even take selfies which can be shared on your timeline –  all from the comfort of your bed. Now that’s just the fun side of it. There’s no telling how this app will transform the   commercial space. For example: Just think of strapping on your VR headset and attaching your virtual marker hand-held device and not having to physically go into your doctor’s office for a consultation, but rather having a check done without having to drag yourself out of bed. Or imagine viewing your potential new home in an interactive manner from the comfort of your office duing your lunch break.

Facebook is breaking boundaries to help us connect more with the world around us and, as a business, our aim is to keep up with new trends to keep us at the forefront of the communications industry. So if you, like us, would like to find out even more about Facebook Spaces and the way in which it will revolutionise the world around us – then click on the link below:

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