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WE SPOT TALENT FIRST – even in a candidate-flooded market

Flooded rivers provide an opportunity to catch plenty of fish. Heavy rains also bring fast flowing, dirty waters with debris, deadwood and loads of rubbish. Many of the weaker fish get caught in the central stream while the stronger, smarter fish tend to find their way to safer more secure places. Most strong fish like to hang out in slow water, under cover and as near as possible to food. They hang together for safety and do not move around as much. 

And so it is with recruitment in these times of candidate flooding. There are plenty of candidates on offer, but you may not recruit the best candidates. It is especially important to “fish smart” and seek out the places where the best talent hangs out. Knowing where to spot this talent first is a skill, honed over years of studying the waters, fishing in previous floods, experienced behaviour monitoring and knowing how to lure the biggest and the best.

Catching fish in times of flood may look easy, but you really need to know the waters to find what you are looking for.

This is our area of expertise.

Brenda Bensted-Smith, CEO, Ad Talent. 40 years’ experience of spotting talent first.

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