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None of us was prepared for the sudden impact of Covid-19 when it forced the lockdown in March 2020. As much as we had prepared and made contingency plans for our future, there was little warning of the devastation that would interrupt our lives as dramatically as it did. Some weathered the storm, while others didn’t. But there is always the hope that 2021 will bring us the vaccine and end to the wrecking ball so that we can rebuild our economy, our lives, and our futures.

The new year so far hasn’t been too kind. Unfortunately, a second and third wave his us full-on before we could even sing “Auld Lang Syne”. So, what does 2021 hold for us? I think perspective is the key to moving forward. We have much to be grateful for – tough times is a good teacher and that helps our perspective. We, at Ad Talent Africa, are looking forward to new opportunities and challenges and controlling the things that are in our control.

As a recruitment business, we have witnessed first-hand the effect of the virus on people’s lives. Our inboxes have been flooded with CV after CV from people who have lost their jobs. It has been enormously emotional to listen to heart-breaking accounts from those with previously “secure” employment who suddenly found themselves without an income. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. We are experiencing more interest from our clients and new markets appear to be opening up. Keep checking our website for job updates – There is plenty of expert advice available on the internet. Mental Health is the biggest challenge in planning ahead. Choose selectively what you read and look for positive information.

We wish everyone the very best for 2021.

Stacey Bossenger


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